Main Features to Look for While Choosing a Life Insurance Savings Plans

choosing a life insurance savings plans

When it comes to financial planning, life insurance plays a pivotal role in securing one’s future and providing for their loved ones. People opt for insurance for many purposes such as for car, home, health, etc. In that, a life insurance savings plan is a versatile and sophisticated insurance policy that provides long-term financial coverage while also giving income in the form of savings that satisfy short term financial goals.

If you are someone who is looking to opt for one such policy and want to know the life insurance savings plan features, then you need to do research to compare various plans and how they provide financial benefits, and then decide a plan based on the information you have. Read this blog further to understand the features of life insurance savings plans and how they provide you financial coverage for the most part of your life.

Features of Life Insurance Savings Plan

1. Flexibility in Premium Payments

Many times, we are confronted with unforeseen circumstances in our lives, one such example being the recent Pandemic. Such events sometimes take a toll on our physical property, money being one of them. Having the flexibility in choosing the premium amount to be paid in the life insurance policy that one chooses, will provide a cushion during such times.

2. Investment Options

A crucial component of a life insurance savings plan is the investment option. It falls on us to analyze the various investment options available and then choose a plan based on the options that are suitable to us. The various investment options could be stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. to have various options, and then choose the one that gives the best returns.

3. Guaranteed Returns or Bonuses

Guaranteed returns and bonuses are interesting features that pave the way for some amount of certainty in a market that is fluctuating. Look out for plans that provide these features, and then enhance the policy to provide a safe net for your loved ones.

4. Tax Benefits

Life insurance savings plans features are many, and the one that provides the most advantage is tax. One should thoroughly learn about the tax benefits that the plan gives. These could be tax-free withdrawals or even tax exemptions once the tax matures. This can positively affect the way we manage our finances and ensure that we spend our money only on aspects that are of top priority.

5. Coverage and Riders

While getting life insurance coverage, do a thorough study on the policy and its offers. These are called the rider benefits that enable one to alter the plan if required, based on their needs and goals. Rider benefits vary from one policy to another, therefore compare and analyze how the points presented in the policy can actually help you achieve your financial goals.  

6. Policy Term and Maturity Benefits

Choosing the right features in life insurance requires that one examine the policy term and maturity benefits thoroughly. Some plans provide the flexibility to choose the duration for the policy the way we want, and others may not necessarily provide that benefit. Therefore, it is essential to see whether the plan you opt for has that flexibility that you seek.

Features of Insurance Savings Plan: A Detailed Breakdown

1. Cash Value Accumulation

Savings plans generally provide a lot of cash over a period of time. This value is nothing but the savings component that is provided in the policy. It can be accessed through withdrawals and loans, and thereby serves as a financial net during times of emergencies.

2. Death Benefits

Death benefits are offered in the savings plan. If the policyholder dies during the policy tenure, then their beneficiaries are suitable for receiving financial benefits. This benefit is a predetermined sum that helps the family financially.  

3. Bonus Declarations 

While not all plans have this feature, some plans come with a bonus. Based on the performance of the company, the insurer gives money to the policyholder. This enhances the sum assured that is to be given to the policyholder.  

4. Surrender Value

Surrender value is the money available to the policyholder when they surrender the policy before its time of maturity. Those plans which have a high surrender value will result in high benefits. It also offers more flexibility and cash liquidity.  

5. Free-look period

A free-look period is a time duration of 15 days during which if the policyholder is not happy with the policy and is looking to change it, they can do so after issuance.

6. Grace Period

If the insurer is unable to pay the premium within the prescribed date, then they can do so within the grace period which is for 30 days. For monthly payouts, they can make use of the same within 15 days during which the policy does not get lapsed.


Choosing the right life insurance savings plan features require proper research, planning and consideration of the financial goals that an individual has. Some of the important points to consider here are risk tolerance, and future needs. It's essential that one thoroughly evaluates and compares different plans, and then focus on those features that align with the objectives of the individual. A well-structured life insurance savings plan not only provides financial security but also serves as a tool for savings and wealth accumulation.

Investing time in understanding the nuances of these features ensures that you make an informed decision, setting a solid foundation for a secure financial future. Among all the key considerations for selecting a savings plan it is important to remember that the plan is meant not only to safeguard but also empower you to achieve your financial aspirations.


For more details on risk factors, terms, and conditions please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.  

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