Aadhar E-KYC Consent Revoking Mechanism/Process

Aadhar E-KYC Consent Revoking Mechanism/Process

Aadhar E-KYC Consent Revoking Mechanism/Process

  • Customer will raise the request for withdrawal of aadhaar consent by contacting the Toll free number 1800-103-6116 and email: Thereafter, the customer will be guided to fill the consent withdrawal form available on the website:
  • When the customer visits Shriram Life Insurance Company Limited, designated personnel shall assist with their request for revocation of Aadhaar consent through the website mentioned above. Office personnel shall be trained on consent withdrawal on assisted mode.
  • Customer will fill the form online as per the attached format consent withdrawal form.
  • Once the request is submitted by the customer, all the details filled in the form will be verified by Shriram Life Insurance Company Limited.
  • This request is added in the CRM portal.
  • We have set up a process to provide a screen-in system for the Divisional Office/Head Office users for the removal of Aadhaar number from system.
  • We will send a confirmation SMS/WhatsApp message to the customer once his request is processed.
  • We have a process in place for dispensing with the Xerox copy/scan image from DMS/Omnidocs, post revoking the consent by the customer.
  • We have a dedicated officer as owner of this process for ensuring compliance.
  • Alternatively, an OTP will be sent to the customer’s registered email ID or contact number. OTP will be verified and validated by the customer.
  • Customer will be prompted to upload other alternate acceptable e-KYC documents Annexure KYC.
  • Based on verification of alternate e-KYC documents it may be accepted/rejected.
  • After successful verification and acceptance of alternate e-KYC documents, acknowledgement of acceptance of the request for consent revocation will be sent to the customer through SMS/ WhatsApp/ email.
  • Logs for the deletion of e-KYC data shall be retained as per Shriram Life Insurance Limited’s policy.


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