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Commitment of Shriram Life

“Insuring Dreams”, this is exactly what we at Shriram Life do.
Shriram Life has emerged out of a parent company whose philosophy revolves around the Aam Aadmi (common man), not in papers, but in actuality. With a sole motivation to serve the marginalised section, every single member of the Shriram family strives towards creating a better world, for himself/herself and for those around him/her.

For a world, where business means profits and self-centric service, our work-values might sound a bit farfetched. Understandably, the doubt is genuine and undeniable. So here, let us have a glance into the background of Shriram Life and the Shriram Group.
Commencing business in 2006, Shriram life was incorporated in the year of 2005, with constant support from Shriram Group and Sanlam Group, a 90-year-old South African Insurance firm.

We work with the primary intention of bringing a positive change in the lives of our fellow beings while adhering to high service standards at the same time.

The philosophy of putting the common man first is apparent in the way the Shriram Group functions. Its humble environment with no monumental expenditure on luxury is in sync with its working culture. Acknowledging our efforts, many accolades have been bestowed upon us.

Like every other family, the Shriram family also has elders whom we look upon, who guide each and every step of ours, ensuring smooth and effective functioning. The leaders are also known for their simplicity and down-to-earth approach. R.Thyagarajan, the founder of Shriram Group, Padma Bhushan awardee, is the living example of honest and effective business principles.

With the same unwavering commitment and equal enthusiasm, Shriram Life is stepping into the online world, making the process of buying insurance even simpler and customer-centric.

Under the impactful leadership and visionary approach of Mr. Manoj Jain, Mr. Cassie Kromhout and Mrs. Akhila Srinivasan, the family of Shriram Life is working towards making insurance buying simpler, faster and easier and to help customers in the better management of their funds and in increasing their funds through the beneficial and suitable life insurance plans.

This blog is a part of the same initiative. Here, together, we intend to demystify the whole process of life insurance, for the benefits of our customers.

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