Which is the best monthly income plan?

Investment Plan For Regular Income

The Super Income Plan (SIP) provides an investor with a assured benefit. A policy holder will receive maturity benefits when the SIP period has ended. The Super Income Plan contains a life insurance cover to protect you from unforeseen circumstances. The Super Income Plan's advantages can be increased by adding more covers for a nominal rate.

Many investment options can help a person earn a monthly income, but out of them, the Super Income Plan is unique because it has life insurance coverage. Therefore, SIP can be defined as a guaranteed plan for individuals who need life insurance and regular income until they are 75 years of age. It caters to the long- term financial needs of an individual and their family.

With a Shriram Life Super Income Plan, an individual can rest easy knowing that their future will be secure. The application process is simple and requires only a few documents. Our representative will help an investor determine the suitable tenure and monthly income to get the best benefits from the policy. To know more about the Super Income Plan, let's explore the benefits and features:

What is a Super Income Plan?

A Super Income Plan is a policy that offers assured benefit for those who invest in the policy. It can help an individual plan a better future for improved financial stability. The Super Income Plan has many features and benefits that cover the policy holder and their family. Often, financial institutes offer additional benefits in the form of rider covers that can be purchased before the policy is initiated.

The Shriram Life Super Income Plan is a savings policy for people who need life insurance and regular income until 75 years of age. The premium payment term for this plan stretches from 10 to 25 years, depending on the age of entry.

What are the features and benefits of a Super Income Plan?

Maturity benefits

The policy holder will get the maturity benefits once the SIP term has expired. The policy holder will get the Guaranteed Maturity Sum assured, equivalent to 5 times the annualised premium. If an investor has made an annual premium payment of Rs. 1 lakh, they will receive Rs. 5 lakhs as the maturity benefit.

Flexibility to Change Premium Payment Term

The Super Income Plan allows an individual to alter the Premium Payment Term, allowing them to exercise more financial control. The length of the premium instalments can be adjusted based on a person's financial objectives. To determine the precise tenure range offered, review the rules and regulations of the appropriate financial institution.

Provide a regular income

A guaranteed plan for those who require life insurance and a steady income is available with a Shriram Life Super Income Plan. The Super Income Benefit, Maturity Benefit and Death Benefit are the three main benefits offered by the plan. This monthly income will be given only after the policy's premium payment term.

Life insurance cover

The Super Income Plan's Life Insurance Cover ensures the security of your family. Only people who are below 50 years old can purchase this coverage. Shriram Life Super Income Plan provides an additional insurance cover option. The sum assured will be paid to the nominee or beneficiary if the policy holder passes away during the policy term.

Additional coverage

With a SIP, additional coverage is offered in the form of riders. The extra protection plans provided by the Super Income Plan include Critical Illness Plus Rider, Family Income Benefit Rider, Extra Insurance Cover Rider and Accident Benefit Rider. Any of these riders can also be obtained by paying an extra charge. At the start of the policy or on any policy anniversary, riders may be purchased.

Tax Saving Benefits

Tax advantages are available to policy holders on premiums paid for the Shriram Life Super Income Plan. A policy holder may claim tax exemptions on SIP premiums up to a specific threshold under section 80C of the Income Tax Act of India, 1961. This perk will enable an investor to increase their annual savings. However, the tax benefits are subject to change according to the tax laws. You must keep up with the most recent information on these taxes.

Service Assurance

The policy will be provided within 72 hours of finishing the application process and submitting all necessary paperwork. If an investor decides to apply for the policy, Super Income Plan includes the service assurance as one of the benefits. Our representative will work with you to determine the premium amount to pay, ensuring you receive the highest monthly benefit and plan maturity possible.

Financial security

The Super Income Plan includes life insurance that ensures the whole family is protected, even in the absence of the policy holder. An investor can achieve financial stability with the guaranteed monthly income and the lump sum paid at maturity. This ensures that investors will be more financially stable and prepared to face uncertainties related to their future income and liabilities.


Investors can take out policy loans from the surrendered value if they need emergency cash for a brief period. The interest rate on the debt would be around 9% per year, compounding every half-year. The loan's interest must be paid once every six months. An investor may borrow up to 80% of the value of the item they are surrendering.

Is a Super Income Plan the best monthly income plan?

A Super Income Plan can be a great monthly income plan for an individual who wants to ensure they have a secure future. Investing in a SIP will help form a fund that will enable you to manage your finances better. The premium payment term and amount can be decided according to the investor's goals and requirements.

A Shriram Life Super Income Plan is easy to understand and has attractive benefits like life insurance and a maturity benefit. Additional rider covers can be purchased for a nominal fee. There are no particular eligibility criteria, except that an investor should be at least 25 years old to invest in this plan. Invest in a Shriram Life Super Income Plan now to get the best benefits and a monthly income for a tenure of your choice.


  1. Which is the best plan for monthly income? 
    A Super Income Plan is one of the best monthly income options. A Shriram Life Super Income Plan will help you build toward a financially secure future.
  2. What is the average return on SIP? 
    The returns of a Super Income Plan depend on the tenure and amount an individual decides to invest. After the premium payment tenure is over, the investor gets the monthly income till the policy's maturity.
  3. Which company is best for a monthly income plan? 
    The Shriram Life Super Income Plan is one of the best monthly income plan available. It has a flexible premium payment tenure and attractive benefits.

Key Highlights:

  • With the Super Income Plan, an investor can get a assured benefits.
  • Upon completion of the SIP term, a policy holder will get maturity benefits.
  • The Super Income Plan includes a life insurance cover to keep you safe from unforeseen incidents.
  • Additional covers can be added to the Super Income Plan to enhance its protection.

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