POS Assured Savings Plan(UIN - 128N089V01)

POS Assured Savings Plan(UIN - 128N089V01)


As we get older, our responsibilities increase; responsibilities towards our elderly parents, spouse and children. We go from being dependents to having dependents of our own, and it is our responsibility to take care of them. But what would happen to them in our absence?

Life Insurance is the tool that will make sure your family is taken care of in your absence. Presenting Shriram Life Assured Savings Plan, which helps build your savings while ensuring your family is taken care of financially, even in your absence – and all of that available without any medicals.


Life cover without medicals$

Higher maturity benefit for higher premiums (as high as 183%*)

Life cover and Returns, fully assured upfront

Flexibility to change Policy Term and Premium Payment Term

Double cover on Accidental Death with Option 2



Maturity Benefit

In case of survival of the life assured up to the end of the policy term, provided the policy is in force, the Guaranteed# Maturity Sum Assured will be payable immediately in lump sum and the policy will be terminated.


Guaranteed# Maturity Sum Assured = Maturity Benefit Factor X Basic Sum Assured


Where, Basic Sum Assured = Premium Paying Term X Annualized premium&


Death Benefit

The death benefit depends on the plan option chosen and is paid to the nominee(s) or beneficiary(ies), provided the policy is in force.

Death due to& Option 1 Option 2
Accident Death Sum Assured 2X Death Sum Assured
Other than accident Death Sum Assured Death Sum Assured



ENTRY AGE Minimum 3^ Years Maximum 55 Years (Age last birthday)
MATURITY AGE Minimum 18 Years Maximum 65 Years (Age last birthday)
BASIC SUM ASSURED Minimum ₹ 40,000 Maximum Subject to maximum Death Sum Assured of ₹ 25 Lakhs
POLICY TERM 10 / 15 Years
PREMIUM PAYING TERM Regular Equal to Policy Term Limited PT 10: 8 Years PT 15: 8 / 10 Years
PREMIUM PAYMENT MODE Yearly Half Yearly Quarterly Monthly
MINIUM PREMIUM Yearly :₹ 5,000 Half Yearly :₹ 3,000 Quarterly :₹ 1,500 Monthly :₹ 500



For more details on risk factors, terms, and conditions please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.  

*Tax Benefits:  
Tax benefits are as per Income Tax Laws & are subject to change from time to time. Please consult your Tax advisor for details.  
You are eligible for Income Tax benefits/exemptions as per the applicable income tax laws in India, which are subject to change from time to time.

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