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Things To Know Before Buying A Life Insurance

When it comes to buying an insurance plan, there are many things which one needs to look into, especially, if you are buying it for the first time. Like every new experience, the process of purchasing a life insurance policy might appear intimidating and confusing.

Which is the best plan to buy? Where should I buy from? Do I really need insurance and why? How should I choose a plan? These are a few questions that will come haunting.

Here are a few tips that will help you to buy a suitable plan.

  • Know your insurance requirements: Before buying an insurance plan, assess your insurance needs thoroughly. The cost of a plan depends on variables such as your age, health, amount of coverage you want, etc. All these factors also play a major role in choosing an appropriate life insurance plan.
  • Choose your beneficiary carefully:
    A beneficiary must be someone who is trustworthy. So, do contemplate and decide who you want to nominate. It is also important to keep the beneficiary informed about your insurance plans and its prominent features.
  • Decide the amount of coverage:
    Whether you are single, or have a family, whatever the status of your health or your retirement plans, whether anyone depends on you financially, the amount of income you provide for your family, is there a debt that they may have to pay after you, how financially independent they are, based on these or similar questions you can decide the amount of coverage you would need.
  • Don’t hide, Inform truthfully:
    There is no point in hiding a few facts or distorting the truth to get a lower rate. At the time of the claim, the insurance companies do carry out detailed checking, which will reveal the truth eventually.
  • Understand the renewal policy:
    Most of the term insurance plans can be renewed for one or more terms. However, the amount of premium may increase when you opt to renew your plan. Before buying a policy do check the age limit until when you can renew the policy. It is also advisable to get an idea on the premium in case of policy renewal.
  • Compare different kinds of insurance plans:
    Are you looking for an affordable premium or a broader coverage period? Decide on which kind of plan you would like to purchase. For instance, you can choose between a term plan and a permanent insurance plan. In simple terms, term plans offer you cover for a stipulated period of time while permanent insurance offers coverage as long as you are paying the premiums, and has a cash value attached to it.
  • Be sure of your financial stability:
    Once an insurance plan is bought, it becomes very important to pay premiums on time. Be aware of your economic situation. Carefully evaluate whether you will be able to pay premiums on time and whether you will be able to bear the charges if in case the premium amount increases. Based on these questions, you should fix the amount of your premium.