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SHRIRAM LIFE Retirement Plans

Shriram Life Pension Plus

Shriram Life Pension Plus (UIN: 128L065V03) helps you to meet your retirement goals by building a large corpus on vesting for investment to enable the policyholder to have a steady regular income for life by purchasing an immediate annuity plus. The plan offers four types of funds to choose for investing premiums under this plan.

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Shriram Life Immediate Annuity Plus

Shriram Life Immediate Annuity Plus is a non- linked and non-participating single premium immediate annuity assurance for individuals. The plan aims to provide a lifetime income stream post retirement.

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Shriram Life Saral Pension

Shriram Life Saral Pension is a non- linked non-participating individual single premium immediate annuity plan for individuals. In exchange to the purchase price paid by the policyholder, the plan provides with a stream of regular income in the form of an annuity for the whole life and return of purchase price on death the annuitant.

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